Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Box

This post has nothing to do with what research I have been doing lately or my family history really, but instead, its about inspiration..and a box.

A few minutes ago I sent Thomas MacEntee an email, one of several that we have exchanged the past few days but this one had a .pdf as an attachment. Not unusual of course to attach that kind of file to an email but the creation of this one had pushed me out of my box, as I told Thomas. I knew about digital signatures, but had the thought to learn about that stored safely in the ‘someday I will’ box.

The original file I received from Thomas, a contract for him to provide a virtual presentation to our genealogical society. “…slap your signature graphic on it” he said. Yeah, right Thomas! Of course I could have printed it out, used a pen to sign it, a stamp and envelope and a trip to the post office as he also suggested but that phrase: “slap your signature graphic on it” rang out like a huge challenge. Besides, I have been working very hard to eliminate paper waste whenever possible, oh yeah and I hate spending money on printer ink too. Hmmm, could those ideas also have been planted by Thomas?

Anyway, I tackled the task, or rather Googled it, and finally managed to create that digital signature to ‘slap on it”, but not without some trial and error, mind you.

About the time I hit the ‘send’ button it dawned on me. Yeah, he pushed me out of that box but bigger than that he inspired me. He INSPIRES me. This isn’t the first time. I’ve been ‘following’ Thomas for a pretty long time although I can’t put my digital signature on exactly when I started. I remember reading something about him…who knows where…then we became friends on Facebook and one day he wrote about blogging. “What the heck is blogging?” I thought. So I had to get out of my box and find out. Then-what-does-he-do?! HE makes a new WORD! ‘Geneablogger’. Dang it, Thomas, don’t you know I have laundry to do and a museum to run and..and…and… So, I figured out the Geneablogger thing and then he comes up with Google Docs, and Dropbox and Cloud Computing and Weebly….and….and…and….all these other things that I have to stop life for and figure out.

Thanks Thomas. Seriously. What’s next?


Thomas MacEntee said...

Well if I told you what the next big thing in genealogy was, it wouldn't be a surprise now would it?

One word: Plastics.

Chris Odom said...

What a great post Sue! I agree Thomas is an inspiration...probably to many more than he realizes!

Nancy said...

Wanted to say how well you portrayed the ways that genea bloggers challenge each other, even those of us that are lurking...taking those MacAntee challenges into our own research, and blog adventures.
Thanks, Nancy