Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Favorite Picture

One of my favorites is this cute little fellow, Harry Brandes (1892-1974), my grandfather. He's all decked out in a white ruffled shirt and long skirt. And that hat! You can tell he thinks he's quite something. I'm guessing that he was about two or so when this was done so that would be about 1894. The family did not move to Oklahoma until about 1906 so this was in Illinois, probably Hillsboro, Montgomery County or Taylorville, Christian County as those were the largest towns close to Raymond where they lived when Harry was born. Since his daddy was a carpenter I wonder if the horse and wagon were his creations or just the photographer's props.

Harry's parents were Christian (Christ) Frederick Brandes (also spelled Brandis) and Wilhelmina Carolina Lange.