Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh! Baby

This entry is for the 7th Edition of Smile for the Camera. As the title suggests the subject is babies. Always a good subject as I don't think I'll ever run out of baby pictures. This time I've chosen not just one but a series of pictures. I thought it would be fun to see baby pictures but also pictures of the same subjects as they get older.

The first picture is William Trever Longwell, known as Trever who was my grandmother's brother. He was born 12 March 1894 in Tower Hill, Illinois and died in Frederick, Oklahoma 1947. He was the son of Edwin Plummer Longwell and Ida Edana Conrad. Trever was a dentist in Frederick, Oklahoma and for many years the Secretary of the State Dental Association. He was a wonderful musician, as well as a sought after vocalist. He married Winifred Newlin in 1918 and together they had two daughters.

The next three pictures are Trever and his sister Floy, my grandmother. Her name was really Hester Floy but she always went by Floy. I didn't know Hester was her name until I was grown. I guess she didn't like it much. Floy was born 14 October 1896 in Tower Hill, Illinois. She married my grandfather Harry Brandes in 1920. Floy was the mother of my Dad Kenneth and his sister Beverly Jo.

Here they are a bit older.

The Edwin Plummer Longwell family moved from Tower Hill, Illinois to Frederick, Tillman County November 8, 1908 where Plummer worked as a barber.