Friday, July 10, 2009

Family Gravestone Friday

Sad isn't it? I took this picture several years ago, probably about 2002 when Rick and I took a trip to Missouri to look at family graves near Springfield. This one is in Rose Hill Cemetery just outside of Billings, Missouri.

The only reason that I am sure whose graves this marks is that I have an earlier survey of the cemetery and also that my great grandparents are buried beside them.

The only readable marking is the name "Lange" on the base because the marker is limestone and years of water being absorbed and freezing has caused the striations that obliterate the inscriptions.

Carl Lange (13 Mar. 1845- 7 Nov. 1911) and his wife Louisa Wagehoft (8 Sept. 1849-15 May 1936) were married 19 Aug. 1870 in Hillsboro, Montgomery County, Illinois. Both were born in Germany. They had 12 children, the oldest of which was my great grandmother Caroline Wilhelmine (Minnie) Lange Brandes who was buried next to them in 1915. Her husband Chris F. Brandes was buried next to Minnie in 1953.

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